AI工具AI 写作 for WooCommerce automates text and meta description for WordPress/WooCommerce.

广告也精彩 is a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin that automates the generation of product text and meta descriptions. It allows for flexible text creation, whether it’s for individual products or multiple products in bulk. With seamless integration, provides an intuitive experience for new users. It excels in generating high-quality, SEO-friendly meta titles, descriptions, product descriptions, and Open Graph texts. The plugin offers both ‘ Single’ and ‘ Bulk’ modes to optimize content generation efficiency. Furthermore, there are no limitations on the number of users or web shop installations per account.

Apart from selecting tone, style, and target market, writers using in its Single mode have the option to perform a detailed keyword analysis, choose semantic keywords, and select product attributes to include in the text using WooCommerce prior to generating the final content. Once the writer has familiarized themselves with the product and completed the keyword analysis, it takes approximately 50 seconds to generate the text. This enables the writer to review the output before publishing it to WooCommerce.’s Single feature ensures consistency in tone and style while incorporating keywords to enhance SEO ranking. It provides the flexibility to customize content for each product based on the specific needs of the target audience prior to publication.

For generating text for multiple products simultaneously, also offers a convenient bulk feature. This feature allows writers to select multiple products and generate text for them all at once. Although the bulk feature does not support keyword analysis, semantic keyword selection, or individual attribute selection for each product (as the text generation occurs in one go for multiple products), it still enables writers to apply the same tone, style, and attributes to all selected products. Bulk is highly efficient, taking approximately 30 seconds to generate text for each product once the desired products, tone, style, and attributes have been set. This feature is particularly useful when there is a need to quickly produce a substantial amount of product text without the time or requirement for keyword analysis.

On the whole, offers a range of features that contribute to a comprehensive e-commerce experience. The platform facilitates the connection of multiple e-commerce sites and allows for an unlimited number of users to collaborate. It enables users to effortlessly transfer and publish text directly to WooCommerce, while also offering the option to select desired product attributes for inclusion in the generated text. Users have control over the tone, style, and target audience, and can specify the desired length of the text. The platform supports user role customization, provides a review history log for easy tracking, and offers bulk transfer and publishing capabilities. Custom product details can be added, and users can define their own tone and style. The use of a reference product ensures consistency across multiple products. assists in determining target markets through AI suggestions and the ability to define custom target markets. The platform supports text rewriting, provides keyword analysis and semantic keywords for SEO optimization, and enables tracking of keyword and semantic keyword density. Overall, provides a comprehensive solution for effective and efficient content generation and management in the e-commerce industry.

Disclaimer: is an independent tool developed to work with WordPress/WooCommerce. It is not affiliated or endorsed by WordPress/WooCommerce.


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